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Brighton's breakfast

Materials and techniques raised over time.
With the rich satisfaction of the beginning of the day.

Breakfast at Hotaru

Traditional breakfast (asage) / Morning porridge (asagayu)

Our popular breakfasts taste the same as when we first opened.

They include healthy, lightly salted morning dishes such as boiled vegetables, rolled Japanese omelet, salted salmon, pickled vegetables and pickled ume (Japanese plum).
*We do not accept reservations for asage and asagayu.
Guests may order them at Hotaru.

Traditional breakfast (asage) / Morning porridge (asagayu)

Kujaku-zen, our reservation-only premium asagayu breakfast

Every dish reflects the artistry of our chef in this ultimate breakfast. We highly recommend the masterpiece of the breakfast, a rosy seabass dried overnight and exquisitely fried.
*As preparation is required from the previous day, Kujaku-zen may only be ordered via reservation.


Breakfast at Féerie

Breakfast buffet

Eat what you like, as much as you like

Our healthy menu includes around 10 kinds of bread, as well as bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, French toast, salad, healthy morning desserts containing soy milk and herbs, and much more.

Breakfast buffet

A rich variety of breads

Nearly a dozen types of bread are offered in our breakfast buffet, including croissants, Danish pastries and soy milk bread. The servings are small enough that you can try every type. Enjoy them with our homemade jam!

A rich variety of breads

Our healthy morning dessert

Our buffet spreads a treasure trove of healthy morning desserts across the table. Moderately sweet and gently flavorful from soy milk and herbs, they offer a refreshing way to start your day.

Our healthy morning desser

Carefully selected fresh vegetables

Our vegetables are carefully selected for flavor and freshness. Diverse dressings and toppings let you prepare salads your favorite way.

Carefully selected fresh vegetables