Under article 10 of the “Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts”, Kyoto Brighton Hotel has established the House Regulations which all guests are required to observe in order to ensure the safety and comfort of hotel guests. If guests fail to comply with these regulations, the hotel reserves the right to discontinue accommodation contract and to refuse use of hotel facilities. Moreover, the hotel reserves the right to request guests to compensate for loss and/or damages sustained by the hotel in accordance with article 7 and 18 of the said contract.

<Fire Precautions>

1. No heat source may be used in guest rooms for heating, cooking or ironing.

2. Smoking is prohibited in this facility.

3. Any other act that may cause a fire is also prohibited.

<Security Measures>

1. Be sure to lock the door and window when going out of the room during your stay.

2. Lock the door and use the door-chain when retiring or staying in the room. Never open the door before identifying a visitor. If a visitor is deemed suspicious, immediately contact the Front Reception (Dial 5).

3. Visitors are not permitted in guest rooms after 10:00 p.m.

4. Guest who are not registered are not allowed to stay at the hotel.

<Valuables and Checked Articles>

1. Money and valuables must be deposited at the Front reception on the lobby floor for safe-keeping. The management is not responsible for loss of or damage to valuable items left in the guest room.

2. Left over articles will be disposed of in accordance with the government regulations.

3. Duration of storage at the Front Reception will be for 7 days.


1. Payment of hotel charges are to be made at the Front Cashier in cash or coupons recognized by the hotel, every 5 days or in the case when hotel charges exceed ¥100,000 or when requested by the hotel.

2. When signing restaurant and Lounge・bar chits for charging to hotel bills, either the room key or guest card must be presented.

3. The hotel may request the guest to pay a deposit for hotel charges upon arrival under certain circumstances.

4. Cashing checks and payment of hotel charges by checks shall not be accepted.

5. The hotel will not make payment on behalf of guest for such expenses as shopping charges, tickets, taxi fares, postage or porter charges.

<Following Act are Prohibited>

1. To bring into the hotel items that may be of nuisance to hotel guests, such as dogs, cats, birds or other animals; inflammable; explosive, or bad-smelling objects; and other illegally possessed articles.

2. To gamble, to behave in a manner contrary to public morals or public order, or to annoy other hotel guests.

3. To rearrange or move furniture and fixtures from the set position or use in a manner other than they are designed for.

4. To use rooms for commercial activities or purposes other than accommodation without the approval of the hotel.

5. To display articles near the window in a way that may affect appearance of the hotel.

6. To distribute advertising materials or sell goods in the premise of the hotel without approval.

7. Personal belongings may not be left in the lobby or in hallways.

8. Meals or drinks may not be brought in from establishments outside the hotel.

9. Minors are not permitted to stay at the hotel without parental or guardian consent.

10.The management reserves the right to hold guests responsible for damages, contamination or loss caused to any part of the building, its furniture or fixtures.

11.Night wear ( KIMONO ) and slippers are not allowed in the hallway.

12.No smoking is allowed inside the hotel.Please refrain from smoking except in the smoking area.